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BECK by Kii Arens 14.07.17

Image of BECK by Kii Arens 14.07.17

Band: Beck
Venue: Greek Theatre & Fox Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
Date: 14/7/2017 & 15/7/2017

Artist: Kii Arens
Size: 24 x 17 inches
Type: Screenprint
Edition: 1st Edition
Print run: 25

When LA cultural icons combine. This oddball print was made by pop artist Kii Arens for soul/funk/folk/rocker Beck for a couple of nights at LA's most storied venues. According to Arens: "Warhol's Brillo Boxes [were] the main inspiration. Why Toothpaste? Because Beck is squeaky clean funk. Like a perfect smile... every song feels just right." Just 25 of these were printed.

Signed and numbered by the poster artist.